GIVING through legacy 

Bringing Creative Financial Support to Morning Star Bible Camp

Since its beginning in 1956, Morning Star Bible Camp has benefitted from the generosity of the Lord’s people in financially supporting the work of camp. The programs we hold, the facilities we use and the projects we initiate would not be possible without such generous giving. We are always grateful to the Lord and His people for showing such incredible stewardship of their resources, and we endeavour to do the same with the resources entrusted to us.

For many, financially supporting Morning Star Bible Camp with cash-based donations is the simplest way to give. However, we want to share some other giving options that are available and that bring additional creativity to those wanting to financially support camp.


A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) allows you to create an investment fund and make regular gifts to the areas of the Lord’s work you wish to support. DAFs are flexible, efficient and provide a great way to gift the proceeds of securities to camp where camp does not have the ability to handle securities.


A Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) allows individuals or couples with a higher than average investment income to support works like camp, while receiving an annuity income for life. A CGA is particularly suitable for donors over 60 years of age.


Remembering Morning Star Bible Camp as part of your estate is a wonderful way to leave a legacy to the Lord’s work after you have been called home to Heaven. Working with an Estate Planner you can specify a camp to receive any part of your estate and leave a legacy for future campers.

How can you get help if you are interested in any of these options?

We have been working with Legacy Ministries Canada to determine what additional options are available to our donors. You too can contact Legacy Ministries directly to learn more about any of these options. ( or you can contact the Camp Manager, Joshua Caplan, at [email protected].